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Unravelling Point-to-Point 3D Measuring Technology:

Unravelling Point to Point - P2P Technology

Simplifying Complex Measurements with Leica DISTO™


Point-to-Point (P2P) 3D Measuring Technology is a ground breaking innovation from Leica Geosystems that revolutionises distance measurement tasks. The Leica DISTO™ is the world’s first laser distance meter which uses this technology and whether it’s documenting as-built structures, calculating roof dimensions, or integrating data into BIM or CAD software, P2P Technology empowers users to measure anything from anywhere with unparalleled ease and accuracy.

Key Features and Benefits:

Using the Leica DISTO X6-R for CAD
  • Versatile Measurement Capabilities: P2P Technology offers versatile measurement capabilities, allowing users to calculate distances between two points from a single location, regardless of the shape, complexity, or accessibility of the object being measured.
  • Digital Workflow Integration: With P2P Technology, users can effortlessly transfer measurements to PCs, smartphones, or tablets via WLAN or Bluetooth® Smart technology. Additionally, measurement results and images can be saved as DXF data on the device and later downloaded for use in CAD software, streamlining the workflow and saving valuable time.
  • Safe, Accurate, and Efficient: P2P Technology ensures safe, accurate, and efficient distance measurements, even in inaccessible areas or complex measurement situations. Users can achieve precise results without requiring surveying knowledge, enhancing both safety and productivity.

Applications Across Industries:

  • Advanced Functionality: P2P Technology offers advanced measurement functions, including levelled P2P measurement for determining height differences, horizontal distances, and inclinations between two points. Complex area and angle measurements are also possible, along with position determination relative to a reference line – Point - to - Line ( P2L ) measurement.
  • Relocation Feature: During measurements, if some points can't be reached from one location, users can easily relocate. By measuring at least three previous points again from the new location, users define the new position and continue measurements seamlessly
  • 3D Measurements, Visualization and Documentation: Using the Leica DISTO™ Plan app you can visualise and document complex 3D measurements directly on site and immediately see if any measuring points are still missing, allowing users to create detailed floor plans, wall layouts, and volume measurements. The app supports exporting plans to DXF or DWG file formats for further processing in CAD software.
  • Construction: Ideal for creating detailed floor plans, wall layouts, and volume measurements for construction projects, facilitating accurate planning and execution.
  • Interior Design: Enables precise measurement of room dimensions, including openings for doors and windows, ensuring optimal furniture placement and space utilization.


  • Real Estate: Supports property assessments by providing accurate measurements of building exteriors, land parcels, and volume calculations for excavations, aiding in informed decision - making for buyers and sellers.
  • Facility Management: Simplifies maintenance and renovation projects by offering detailed as - built plans and volume measurements, enhancing resource allocation and budget planning.

In conclusion, Point-to-Point 3D Measuring Technology, using the new Leica DISTO™ X6-R and Leica DST 360-X Adapter, represents a paradigm shift in distance measurement capabilities. Its’ versatility, digital integration, and advanced functionality empower users across industries to tackle complex measurement tasks with unprecedented ease and precision.

By embracing P2P Technology, professionals can optimize their workflows, enhance productivity, and achieve superior outcomes, ultimately driving innovation and excellence in their respective fields. Experience the transformative power of Point-to-Point 3D Measuring Technology and unlock new possibilities in your measurement endeavours.

Leica DISTO X6-R - measure as built structures
Leica DISTO X6-R - measure anything

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