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Leica BLK3D Imager

What's included:
  • BLK3D Lithium-Ion Battery
  • BLK3D Power adapter with USB-C cable
  • BLK3D Quick Guide customer information booklet
  • Microfiber cloth |  Neck strap | Calibration certificate
  • 1x 1 yr BLK3D Mobile Introduction, including Sketch & Document 875427
  • 1x 1 yr BLK3D Desktop Introduction license, including Organiser, Measure, working with plans, 3D Model 875428 

BLK3D Desktop Publisher Subscription

Similar to BLK3D Mobile with the exception that users can publish images from a desktop computer. This option is ideal for users who prefer to work with their 3D images primarily in the office. Inside of BLK3D Desktop, a simple right click on a 3D image in Organizer will allow users to generate a unique link to the photo. The links can be shared or embedded almost anywhere for use by anyone with a web browser and internet connection.
What's included:
  • 1 year BLK3D Desktop Publisher Subscription - including sharing 3D Images via link to BLK3D Web - floating license

BLK3D Mobile Publisher Subscription

One of our most popular subscriptions, BLK3D Mobile Publisher allows users in the field to capture & share measurements with anyone, anywhere as long as they have a WiFi or hotspot connection. Images are uploaded to BLK3D Web and can be shared with a unique hyperlink with no license required for the recipient, who can then open images in a web browser of their choice to measure and export them.
What's included:
  • 1 yr BLK3D Mobile Publisher Subscription, including publishing 3D Images to BLK3D Web
Article number: 5309962

Universal Hand Loop

£5.14 Inc. VAT: £6.17
For Leica Laser Distance Meters
  • Article number - 760143

Corner Adapter

£9.00 Inc. VAT: £10.80
Adapter for corner measurements - DISTO S910 & BLK3D
  • Article number - 845185

USB car charger

£14.00 Inc. VAT: £16.80
Leica BLK3D USB car charger
  • Article number - 806566

USB Charger & Power Adapter

£19.00 Inc. VAT: £22.80
USB Power Adapter with micro-USB cable
  • Article number - 799094

BLK3D Power adapter

£26.50 Inc. VAT: £31.80
BLK3D power adapter with USB-C cable
  • Article number - 877136

BLK3D Screen Protector

£26.50 Inc. VAT: £31.80
BLK3D glass foil screen protector
  • Article number - 869084

BLK3D Neck Strap

£26.50 Inc. VAT: £31.80
BLK3D Neck strap - safety strap for device
  • Article number - 874312

BLK3D Pouch

£35.50 Inc. VAT: £42.60
BLK3D protective pouch for safe storage of Leica BLK3D
  • Article number - 869080

BLK3D Tripod Adapter

£44.50 Inc. VAT: £53.40
BLK3D adapter for tripods (TRI 10, TRI 120)
  • Article number - 869083

Compact Tripod Head

£71.50 Inc. VAT: £85.80
For use with TRI-series for Lino or BLK3D
  • Article number - 872768

BLK3D Desktop Base Subscription

£89.50 Inc. VAT: £107.40
This Windows-based software is an extension of the BLK3D Mobile App and it enables users to organize, back-up, and measure from their 3D images. This is an essential piece of office software that we recommend for all BLK3D users.
What's included:
  • 1 yr BLK3D Desktop Base Subscription inc. Organiser, Measure, working with plans

BLK3D Mobile Sketch & Document Subscription

£89.50 Inc. VAT: £107.40
Mobile Sketch & Document allows users to sketch a new plan or work with existing plans on their BLK3D.  This subscription is extremely valuable for field work; it has many options for sketching rooms or uploading PDF/JPG plans, capturing dimensions of interior spaces, and photo documentation.
What's included:
  • BLK3D Mobile Sketch & Document Subscription inc. Plan Creation & Documentation.
Article Number: 5309706

Leica TRI 10 – Monopod

£89.50 Inc. VAT: £107.40
Leica TRI 10 - Monopod with 1/4" thread
  • Article number - 870779

Rugged case for Leica BLK3D

£117.00 Inc. VAT: £140.40
Rugged case with inlay for Leica BLK3D
  • Article number - 872767

BLK3D battery & battery charger

£117.00 Inc. VAT: £140.40
W/O micro-USB power adapter
  • Article number - 872766

Leica TRI 120 Tripod

£126.35 Inc. VAT: £151.62
Tripod Leica TRI 120
  • Article number - 848788

BLK3D Desktop inc 3D Model Subscription

£180.00 Inc. VAT: £216.00
By adding the 3D Model subscription, you will have the possibility to visualize your measured points and lines in 3D, and export your measurements as DWG/DXF file for use in the CAD program of your choice.
What's included:
  • 1 yr BLK3D Desktop Subscription inc. 3D Model

Calibration Target Plate

£180.00 Inc. VAT: £216.00

For checking & adjusting the BLK3D - A3 size

  • Article number - 877100

BLK3D LED lamp

£180.00 Inc. VAT: £216.00
BLK3D LED lamp with USB cable & attachment
  • Article number - 870778

BLK3D 1 Year Warranty Extension

£358.00 Inc. VAT: £429.60
What's included:
  • Warranty must be ordered within 3 months of initial BLK3D purchase.

Leica BLK3D Mission Kit

£429.00 Inc. VAT: £514.80
What's included:
  • BLK3D LED lamp (870778)
  • Rugged case (872767)
  • Battery & battery charger (872766)
  • USB Power adapter with micro-USB cable (799094)
  • Screen protector glass foil (869084)

BLK3D 2 Year Warranty Extension

£644.00 Inc. VAT: £772.80
What's included:
  • Warranty must be ordered within 3 months of initial BLK3D purchase.

Leica DST 360 (for BLK3D)

£669.00 Inc. VAT: £802.80
Turns your BLK3D, X3 or X4 into a P2P tool.
What's included:
  • Leica DST 360
  • Leica TRI 120 - compact sturdy tripod
  • Rugged waterproof carry case (IP67)
  • 3 year warranty