Leica Laser Measures (41)

We invented the Laser Distance Meter 30 years ago and have continued to introduce category-first technologies like point-finder cameras and Point-to-Point (P2P) measurements.

Leica Laser Levels (35)

Leica precision and quality in a range of category-leading laser levels.

Leica 3D Measurement (42)

An automated, motorized DISTO that captures complex 3D measurements.

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Leica 3D Disto

Supplied with:
  • Leica 3D Disto
  • Remote control RM100
  • Power supply for 3D Disto
  • Power supply for control unit
  • 2x USB cable, USB memory stick
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Leica GZM3 target plate
  • Self-adhesive target points
  • Ruler (for measuring hidden points)
  • License for 3D Disto Software for Windows®
  • (Tablet not included)

Lightweight Tripod

Lightweight aluminium tripod with incorporated spirit level and non-slip rubber pads. At just 0.66kg it's very lightweight - ideal for transport. Working heights: 0.47 - 1.27m Supplied with:
  • Carry bag

Leica DISTO One

  • Indoor Range: 20m
  • Accuracy: ±2.0 mm
  • Measure height & distance
  • IP54: Splash water & dust proof
Supplied with:
  • User Manual, Batteries, Strap
  • FREE DISTO Sketch App
  • 3 year warranty
Leica DISTO One - Discontinued

Leica BLK3D Imager

What's included:
  • BLK3D Lithium-Ion Battery
  • BLK3D Power adapter with USB-C cable
  • BLK3D Quick Guide customer information booklet
  • Microfiber cloth |  Neck strap | Calibration certificate
  • 1x 1 yr BLK3D Mobile Introduction, including Sketch & Document 875427
  • 1x 1 yr BLK3D Desktop Introduction license, including Organiser, Measure, working with plans, 3D Model 875428 

Leica Tri70 Tripod

Small, lightweight aluminium tripod for every day use with Leica measuring instruments

  • Easy fine adjustment
  • Bubble level
  • ¼" screw on a stable and turnable head plate
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Working height from 0.40m to 1.15m (including screw-out central pillar)
The Leica Tri 70 has been replaced by the Leica Tri 75 >>

BLK3D Desktop Publisher Subscription

Similar to BLK3D Mobile with the exception that users can publish images from a desktop computer. This option is ideal for users who prefer to work with their 3D images primarily in the office. Inside of BLK3D Desktop, a simple right click on a 3D image in Organizer will allow users to generate a unique link to the photo. The links can be shared or embedded almost anywhere for use by anyone with a web browser and internet connection.
What's included:
  • 1 year BLK3D Desktop Publisher Subscription - including sharing 3D Images via link to BLK3D Web - floating license

3D Disto – Software for Windows

Version 6 Update

Upgrade to the new 3D Disto software for Windows® 6.0 Features:
  • Layer functionality
  • CAD tools arcs

BLK3D Mobile Publisher Subscription

One of our most popular subscriptions, BLK3D Mobile Publisher allows users in the field to capture & share measurements with anyone, anywhere as long as they have a WiFi or hotspot connection. Images are uploaded to BLK3D Web and can be shared with a unique hyperlink with no license required for the recipient, who can then open images in a web browser of their choice to measure and export them.
What's included:
  • 1 yr BLK3D Mobile Publisher Subscription, including publishing 3D Images to BLK3D Web
Article number: 5309962

Universal Hand Loop

£5.14 Inc. VAT: £6.17
For Leica Laser Distance Meters
  • Article number - 760143

Leica 3D Disto Offset Ruler

£9.99 Inc. VAT: £11.99

50 Self Adhesive Targets

£14.99 Inc. VAT: £17.99
50pcs Replacement Leica Self Adhesive Target Notes
  • Article number: 780967

Leica Lino Alkaline Battery Tray

£17.00 Inc. VAT: £20.40
Tray for alkaline batteries for the Lino series of laser levels. Compatible with:
  • L2, L2G, L2P5, L2P5G, P5

UC20 AAA Charger

£18.00 Inc. VAT: £21.60

For charging 1 or 2 type AAA rechargeable batteries with 4 adapters for worldwide use.

Supplied with:
  • UC20 Charger
  • 2 x AAA Rechargeable Batteries
  • 4 x Adapters UK 230V AC, Euro 230v AC, US 110v AC & Australian

Tablet Holder / Tablet Mount – Adjustable Tripod Bracket

£19.99 Inc. VAT: £23.99
Sturdy bracket to safely attach your phone or tablet to your tripod whilst making 3D measurements with your DISTO.

Leica Lino L2 Soft Pouch

£20.00 Inc. VAT: £24.00
Leica Lino L2 Soft Pouch Compatible with:
  • Lino L2 Alk

A4 Target Plate (GZM26)

£22.00 Inc. VAT: £26.40

The Leica GZM26 Target Plate is a 2-sided target plate that aids in measurement of non-reflective surfaces. The grey side is intended for shorter distances and the brown side is designed for measurement of longer distances.

  • 210x297mm

Floor/Setup Target Plate (GZM30)

£27.00 Inc. VAT: £32.40
The new two part setup target plate GZM30 is perfect when measuring floor marks.
  • 274 x 197mm

Stick-on Corner Targets (GZM27)

£27.00 Inc. VAT: £32.40

Leica Corner Target Plate - GZM27. For aiming laser dot when target is not visible.

Constructed of robust reflective plastic, the corner target plate clips together & fixes onto external corners enabling 1 person measuring in all situations.
  • Includes Blu-Tack for fixing to all surfaces simply and without damage

Leica RM100 Remote Control

£34.99 Inc. VAT: £41.99
  • Article number: 780994

BLK3D Pouch

£35.50 Inc. VAT: £42.60
BLK3D protective pouch for safe storage of Leica BLK3D
  • Article number - 869080

USB (Type A / Type B plugs) Cable for 3D Disto & Control Unit

£39.00 Inc. VAT: £46.80

Power supply for Leica 3D DISTO

£44.99 Inc. VAT: £53.99

Leica Lino Li-ion Battery Charger

£46.00 Inc. VAT: £55.20
Li-ion Battery charger for the Lino series laser levels. Supplied with:
  • International Charger Adapter

Lino Wall Mount

£50.00 Inc. VAT: £60.00
For Cross Line Lasers - fits Lino P3, P5, L2+, L2P5, L2G+, L360
  • Fine height adjustment
  • Screw on fastening
  • 1/4” screw

Leica Twist 250 Magnetic Smart Adapter

£58.60 Inc. VAT: £70.32
Leica Twist 250 Magnetic Smart Adapter. Compatible with:
  • L2-S, L2, & L2G

Leica Twist 360 Magnetic Smart Adapter for Lino

£58.60 Inc. VAT: £70.32
Leica Twist 360 Magnetic Smart Adapter. Compatible with:
  • L2P5, L2P5G, & P5

Leica UAL 130 Wall Mount Adapter

£59.00 Inc. VAT: £70.80
Suitable for attaching Leica Lino Lasers.
  • Up to 130mm accurate height adjustment
  • Mountable on 1/4” & 5/8” tripod threads included
Works only with magnetic TWIST adapter.

Leica Lino Hard Case

£60.50 Inc. VAT: £72.60
Leica Lino hard carrying case. Compatible with:
  •  Lino P5, Lino L2, Lino L2G, Lino L2P5, Lino L2P5G

CLR290 Floor to ceiling pole

£72.00 Inc. VAT: £86.40
  • Full line alignment (indoors)
  • Max height 290cm
  • 5/8th & 1/4 in threads
  • Carry bag included

Leica Tri100 Tripod

£78.00 Inc. VAT: £93.60
A professional quality tripod designed specifically for use with the Leica Lino laser levels and Leica DISTO laser measures. Features some essential features for working with the Leica measuring instruments including:
  • Jolt free, smooth head
  • Bubble Levels
  • Height Crank Drive (max 1.82 metres)
  • Black carrying case with strap & DISTO pouch
Not compatible with 3D DISTO. For 3D DISTO Tripod click here.

Leica Tri 75 Tripod

£79.00 Inc. VAT: £94.80
Leica TRI75 Tripod, For Use With Leica LINO And Leica DISTO Distance Measurers, 1.15m Height Small, rugged and lightweight aluminium tripod for everyday use, with easy fine adjustment and level control. Working height is from 0.42 m to 1.15 m. Designed as the ideal solution for use with the Leica LINO and DISTO ranges. For the DISTO, pair with the TA360 tripod adapter.
  • Small, rugged and lightweight
  • Aluminium
  • Easy fine adjustment
  • ¼” mounting screw on a stable and rotating head plate
  • Weight: 1.35kg
  • Working height from 0.42 m to 1.15 m
  • Ideal for use with the Leica LINO and DISTO range
Included in the package - Leica TRI 75 tripod, carry case and manual. Not compatible with 3D DISTO. For 3D DISTO Tripod click here.

Leica Lino Li-Ion Battery Pack – 3.6v / 5.2 Ah

£80.60 Inc. VAT: £96.72
Li-ion battery pack for the Lino series of laser levels. Compatible with:
  • L2, L2G, L2P5, L2P5G, P5

Leica Lino L4P1 Li-Ion Battery – 3.6v / 5.2 Ah

£80.60 Inc. VAT: £96.72
Li-ion battery pack for the Lino L4P1 laser level. Compatible with:
  • L4P1 only

Leica DISTO D1

£82.50 Inc. VAT: £99.00
  • Indoor Range: 40m
  • Accuracy: ±2.0 mm
  • IP54: Splash water & dust proof
  • Area function
  • Bluetooth Smart
Supplied with:
  • User Manual, Batteries, Strap
  • FREE DISTO Sketch App
  • 3 year warranty

Leica RVL 100 Receiver

£89.00 Inc. VAT: £106.80
For finding red laser beams over long distances or in difficult light conditions. Range of up to 80m and large reception window 42mm. Optical and acoustic signals. Can be used with the Leica Lino L2, L2+, L2P5, L360, ML90 and ML180. Supplied with:
  • Batteries
  • Clamp
  • 3 year warranty