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PlanEdge, works better with Leica DISTOS

Drawing detailed, accurate floor plans quickly used to be a contradiction in terms, but not using PlanEdge. This innovative new software solution enables you to draw floor plans directly on to a Windows tablet and output finished results without the need for complicated CAD software. There’s no more pen and paper or need to redraw, PlanEdge is a Game Changer. 

CAD has been the ubiquitous tool for drawing floor plans since the early days of computers. PlanEdge is redefining this, allowing users to create detailed accurate floor plans which include accurate square footage calculations and individual room measurements. Advanced features including triangulation and wall thickness along with the ability to draw curves and add elements such as doors, windows, sanitary ware, stairs etc ensures accurate representation of any space.

Tablet & laser integration

Running on the latest Windows tablets, users can quickly and simply draw floor plans using an intuitive touch interface. Linking PlanEdge to a Leica Bluetooth enabled DISTO allows even greater speed and accuracy to be achieved.

Efficiency savings

PlanEdge has been recognised by ‘100% Effective’ one of the UK’s foremost business efficiency consultancy and training providers as its first Business Improvement Hero for 2015, for saving customers time and money. Read their blog here >>

For more information visit the PlanEdge website >> or get a FREE 30 day trial >> and see the difference yourself.

Plan Edge

Watch PlanEdge in action