3D Disto

3D Disto – Version 4 for Windows

3D Disto Version 4 for Windows

The latest 3D Disto software upgrade has landed. Version 4.0 for Windows offers a clear 3D view with some basic CAD tools to help measure, move and still be extremly accurate. Just turn on and start measuring, the Leica 3D Disto has never been easier.

The upgrade includes new & improved features:

  • Implemented 3D visualization and navigation
  • Common gestures on touch screen devices
  • Targeting and motor movements 50% faster
  • Measured distance displayed beside angles in status bar
  • MEASURE and ROOM SCAN application united

Utilising the latest 3D Disto software to create wireframe.

Screenshot 02
  • DWG export (specifically for AutoCAD users)
  • Editable photo names

Watch the video for demo of new features: