3D Measuring

Leica BLK3D – A Case Study

Leica BLK3D - Video Case Study

BLK3D real-time, in-picture 3D measuring solution.

The BLK3D compact handheld imager from Leica Geosystems allows you to capture in-picture 3D measurements from an image. The BLK3D generates a complete and precise 3D record with every image it captures. Ideal for creating floor plans, estimating building installations or documenting construction progress and creating as-built documentation.

In this case study, scaffolding firm Kolb performed a comparison by measuring a complicated construction site – firstly with a DISTO and then with the Leica BLK3D. With the DISTO it took 1 1/15 hours to perform the task but only 8 minutes with the BLK3D.

Take a look at the Leica BLK3D

  • Take a picture. Measure anything. The BLK3D captures images and places precise measurements at your fingertips.
  • Share images and measurements in multiple formats.
  • Access projects. Anywhere, anytime. Measure in your image – on the handheld imager, on the desktop, on-site or in the office.
  • Create floorplans and import existing ones. Add measurable images. Document construction progress with multiple images over time.
  • The BLK3D creates images that contain precise 3D measurements.
  • Capture critical moments throughout the life of a building.„
  • Store. Organize. Share. Store your measurable images on the device and on desktop. Organize your projects by tagging measurable images with searchable keywords for easy recall and share them in multiple formats.