3D Measuring

3D Measuring & its benefits

3D Measuring and its benefits

10 years ago the idea of anything 3D seemed futuristic & unlikely. But now it’s everywhere. In our cinemas, our printers and our measuring appliances.

So why’s it becoming so popular? Well in comparison to other measurement tech, it often produces faster results. And speed is something many people working in construction or surveying are looking for. 3D scanning offers a whole host of benefits that other, more traditional measuring techniques can’t. And here we’re going to look at 4 of those benefits.

Speed – Traditional measuring techniques take time. Manually measuring a room can take a large portion of your day. The 3D scanning method will collect millions of data points in a matter of seconds, making the process a lot quicker

Accuracy – Not only does manual scanning take time, but it isn’t always particularly accurate. One mistake could mean that the whole room has to be measured again. But now, as we’ve seen 3D technology come on in leaps & bounds the information collected through 3D measuring is much more accurate.

Coverage – Because of the speed & accuracy of a 3D measure the coverage area is a much larger. This increases efficiency of a construction site staff & processes.

Price – When you factor in the time savings the 3D measure proves to be a very competitively priced piece of kit. Plus, the 3D measure is easy to use. And so won’t have to spend money & time on training the engineers operating it.