Leica Lino Professional Case

Leica Lino L2P5 Professional CaseLeica Geosystems have just announced the release of the new Leica Lino L2P5 Professional Case. The complete solution for levelling, aligning, and layout. This all-in-one package was specifically designed for interior finishing applications. This case features the flagship Lino product, the Lino L2P5, which has proven application performance and durability. The L2P5 combines projects horizontal and vertical lines that form a point in front of the tool, and an additional four points: left, right, up and down points. The horizontal line has a fan angle of 180° that allows for maximum application performance. Just place the laser in a corner, and you can perform levelling tasks in the entire room.

This case contains the standard Lino L2P5 set:

  • Leica Lino L2P5
  • Target plate
  • Magnetic multifunction adapter
  • Leica Soft Pouch

In addition the L2P5 Professional Case includes:

  • Sturdy Leica TRI 70 tripod, which makes it easy to transfer heights for meter mark, control point, or reference height applications.
  • Heavy duty rechargeable NiMH AA batteries with charging station and adapters, eliminating the need for alkaline batteries. As with
  • Leica Hard Case

You will have everything you need in one jobsite-ready case with the added benefit for buying the package with included accessories as opposed
to buying the items separately.

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