Leica DISTO & Lino Case – new for July 2013

Leica DISTO and Lino CaseLeica DISTO & Lino Case

The professional package for easy measurement and alignment.

Includes: Leica DISTO D210, Leica Lino L2, Leica Tri 70 Comes packaged in a hard carry case.

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Leica DISTO Lino CaseLeica DISTO Lino Case - Scope of Delivery

Leica DISTO & Lino Case

The Leica DISTO D210 and the Leica Lino L2 are well established products in the market. Leica Geosystems have brought these products together in a brand new robust and convenient carrying case. The package is completed by the compact crank tripod Leica TRI 70. This professional package will allow you to save time and money by increasing productivity. The Leica DISTO & Lino Case offers a high quality “all in one” package at a very attractive price.

The professional package for easy measuring and alignment

This package was specifically designed for interior applications. It combines everything that you will need for accurate and reliable measuring and alignment. The laser distance meter Leica DISTO D210, the cross line laser Lino L2 and the tripod TRI 70 are stored safely and ready-to-use in the robust, attractive and functional carrying case. Keeping your tools in the convenient carrying case also ensures that nothing will be lost or forgotten. The tools are compact, handy and easy to use.

  • Everything readily available for interior finishing
  • Increased productivity and precise results
  • Perfect for easy stake-out tasks
  • Easy to carry due to the robust, attractive, and functional carrying case

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