Leica LINO ML180 - Multipurpose, multi line laser

Powerful: Precise layouts at high-speed

Leica Lino ML180 - Smart Targeting for precise layouts at long distances

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The ML180 is a 90° cross line laser level. It has 4 laser lines, 4 cross points and a plumb down point that is conveniently set to the outside of the tool for easy access. The ML180 features electronic self leveling and remote adjustment of +/- 4 degrees using the laser receiver as a remote control.

The Smart Targeting function of the Leica Lino ML180 enables construction workers to get their layout job done very efficient by one person even at long distances. Only a single press on a button is necessary to align the laser lines quickly. For layout work up to 100 m, if accuracy is extremely important to avoid expensive mistakes, the precise electronic self-levelling system is a decisive advantage. Thanks to its flexible power supply concept the Leica Lino ML180 is always ready to use.

Leica LINO ML180 at a glance

Smart XCR Catch - laser receiver & remote control 

The XCR Catch laser receiver offers more functionality than a standard receiver for line lasers or for rotation lasers. The receiver beeps to indicate that you are close to or directly in line with the laser beam. It also operates like a remote control and automatically catches the beam with the Smart Targeting function. By holding down the right and left arrow buttons you can spin the ML180 on a horizontal axis of +/- 4 degrees. 

This is ideal when working alone, outside and at long distances (up to 50m). Position the laser close to your target and then micro adjust remotely or use the Smart Targeting automatic alignment function. Perfect for lining up at 90 degrees to the corners of existing structures or laying out walls.

Laser lines can be detected very quickly due to the large reception window located on either side of the XCR Catch. There is a display is on both sides of the device so that the position of the laser line can be read from different working positions.

The XCR Catch comes with a versatile bracket allowing the tool to be fixed in multiple positions on various building elements. It also has a quick-adjustment feature.

Leica Lino ML180 features

  • Automatic alignment of the laser to the XCR Catch
  • High levelling accuracy
  • Precise projection of 90° angles
  • Designed for everyday use on site – interior and exterior
  • Remarkably quick and reliable levelling
  • Quick set-up and ease of use

Leica Lino ML180 – Setting out – made simple

Leica Lino ML180 - one man operation

One man operation:

The Smart Targeting function auto-aligns the laser to the XCR Catch receiver, for highest precision up to 50m. XCR Catch is a receiver with remote control.

Leica Lino ML180 - Mult-Purpose Line Laser

Multi-purpose line laser

With 4 lines & 1 plumb point the Lino ML180 covers all areas of interior use. Can be used for smaller projects in exterior environment.

Leica Lino ML180 - precise layouts at long distance

Precise layouts at long distances

The unique accurate electronic self-levelling automatically compensates for the tool being slightly out of level. A clear advantage, especially over long distances up to 50 metres.

Leica Lino ML180 - no downtime

Work without any downtime

Can be used with rechargeable battery pack or alkaline batteries ensuring that it is always ready for use. Can also be operated whilst being charged.

Additional information

Applications (levelling, aligning and plumbing:
Dry wall layout, adjusting cable trays and pipes, levelling suspended ceilings, levelling and aligning doors and windows, transferring points from floor to ceiling, transferring heights, installing partition walls, adjusting kitchen installations, …

Warranty with Protect
With “Protect by Leica Geosystems” the Lino ML180 comes with a best-in-class service where customers can count on, anytime, anywhere. If registered, Leica offers a 3-year warranty at no additional charge. The warranty on Li-Ion battery is 2-years!

The benefits of the Leica Lino ML180 laser measure:

Benefits Popular with
Exact 90° angle  Electricians, HVAC
Self-levelling range 3° Carpenters
Range up to 20m* > 100m with detector Plasterers
Levelling accuracy ± 0.7mm @ 10m Decorators, painters
Laser: 4 lines, 1 point  
Operating time: Li-ion 12h  
Robust spray proof / dust protected IP54  

Leica Lino ML180 questions, and many general questions regarding the practical use of our Leica Lino Line Lasers on our FAQ's page. For free friendly advice simply call 0845 2572188 and ask for a Leica DISTO ™ product specialist or email sales@laser-measure.co.uk

Leica LINO L4P1 Options:

Leica Lino ML180


What's included:

  • ML180 multi line laser
  • Leica XCR Catch with clamp
  • 3 x AA for laser receiver
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery pack
  • International charging device
  • Battery holder for alkaline batteries
  • Large & small red target plate
  • Red laser glasses
  • 3 year warranty
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3-Year Warranty

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3 Year Warranty
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