Leica DISTO D210

Precision at the touch of a button

Leica DISTO ™ D210Sale - £124 including free case batteries and strap

The new leader in laser measuring - the Leica DISTO D210. One of the smallest laser measures in the world - yet it measures upto 100 metres and is calibrated to within a millimeter at up to 80 metres. The Leica DISTO D210 laser measure is the new compact entry-level laser distance measure from Leica. The DISTO D210 is very simple to use and is accurate to within 1mm - yet it out performs virtually all other laser measures from other brands.

This year we celebrate 20 Years of the Leica Disto setting new standards of accuracy and durability. The Leica DISTO D210 is a complete redesign of the no.1 selling Leica DISTO D2 laser. The upgrades include increased durability, a new soft grip rubber case, and a configuration that sits perfectly in the users hand. The DISTO D210 has an increased measuring distance to 80 metres utilising the new Power Range Technology.

The Leica DISTO D210 features a new wider 3-line display making it easier for the user to read off several measurements at a glance including the multiple measurements for the area and volume calculation functions. The Leica DISTO D210 is very simple to use with all the functions quickly accessed from the function key and displayed clearly on the screen. The multi-functional end piece is used to measure from tight corners, with the measure reference point automatically adjusted when extended. Adding and subtracting as well as area and volume calculations, make for fast and reliable measuring. The last ten measurements results are automatically stored and recalled as required. The Leica DISTO D210 is a professional laser measure that is small and easy to use without compromising on the amazing 1mm accuracy and 80 metre measuring range.

Leica DISTO ™ D210 at a glance

Leica DISTO D210 - Overview

Leica DISTO D210 - Precision at the touch of a button

Accurate and easy to use

Simple, intuitive keypad - the Leica DISTO D210 measures with an accuracy of ± 1.0 mm.

Leica DISTO D210 - Small and handy

Small and handy

Thanks to its ergonomic and compact design with soft grip, the Leica DISTO D210 sits securely in your hand, is lightweight and fits into any pocket.

Leica DISTO D210 ™ - Multifunctional endpiece

Multifunctional end-piece

Whether measuring out of corners, slots or from edges, with this endpiece you are prepared for all measuring situations. The instrument detects the end-piece automatically.

Leica DISTO D210 - Easy to read display

Easy to read display

The results are shown on three lines. The display illumination means they can be clearly read, even in the dark.

Features of the Leica DISTO D210

  • Small and accurate laser distance meter
  • Power Range Technology ™, range 80m
  • Very accurate ± 1mm
  • Flip-out end-piece with automatic position detection
  • Very easy to use
  • Clear illuminated 3-line display
  • New Painter function - for fast calculation of wall areas
  • Pythagoras function - for indirect height and width measurement of inaccessible places
  • Many more functions - plus, minus, area and volume calculations, stake out function
  • Horizontal and diagonal measurement
  • Accuracy in accordance with ISO Standard 16331-1: the standard for laser distance meters

Additional information

The Leica DISTO D210 really is a replacement for the tape measure.  Accurate to less than 1mm everytime you measure, guaranteed by the new standard that this laser is tested against.  Leica Geosystems have really defined the standard that all laser measures aspire to.  Simple one touch measuring with the addition of simple useful features such as area, volume and running measurements using the addition key.  Simply place the flat base of the Leica DISTO D210 against a surface such as a wall or floor, position the laser dot - then simply press and instantly it measures.  The Leica Power Range technology uses multiple laser frequencies to give pin point accurate measurements to within 1mm.  Try the new Leica DISTO D210 speed up and simplify your measuring today.

The benefits of the Leica DISTO D210 laser measure:

Benefits Popular with
Laser pin point accuracy ± 1 mm Estate Agents
IP 54: dust and splash water protected Home inspectors
Multifunctional end-piece Property Developers
Power Range Technology™ - range 0.05 - 80m Estimators
3-line illuminated display Property tradesmen
Recall of last 10 measurements Architects (interior)
Easy to read screen with automatic backlight Window Fitters

Leica DISTO D210 - FAQ's, and many general questions regarding the practical use of our Leica DISTO laser distance measures on our FAQ's page. To trial the Leica DISTO D210 or to obtain further free friendly advice simply call 0845 2572188 and ask for a Leica DISTO product specialist or email sales@laser-measure.co.uk

Leica DISTO D210

Leica DISTO D210

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  • 3 Year warranty
  • Trade in options available (call and ask for details)
  • Multiple purchase deals available

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  • 3 Year warranty
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What our customers say about the Leica DISTO D210 and our service

Thank you for your help, I purchased the Leica DISTO D210 and it really is easy to use and very small. The area function is my favourite.

Claire Masons - Interior designer - March 2012

I have now purchased the Leica DISTOS D210 for all three of our branches. It not only looks good, but works very quick and easy. Clients are always amazed when we measure up. Thanks for the fast delivery.

Stephen Ike - Property Agent - April 2010

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