What software works with the Leica DISTO Bluetooth lasers?

Bluetooth Apps

The good news is that Leica Geosystems are actively supporting software developers to incorporate links to the new range of Leica DISTO lasers measures for direct data transfer in the CAD or drawing applications hosted on with Android, Apple IOS or Windows tablets and PC’s. In addition to the FREE Leica DISTO Sketch application we have been regularly using the following software. Her is a quick summary of our favourite DISTO software solutions to date:

Leica DISTO Laser Measures with Bluetooth

Leica DISTO D110 Leica DISTO D3a BT Leica DISTO D8 Leica DISTO D510 Leica DISTO D810
D3a BT

The Best Software for Leica Laser Measures

Leica DISTO Sketch1 ) Leica DISTO sketch – create and put dimensions on sketches and pictures

We predominantly use the most the Photo side of this software both on an I-pad and an Android phone. It is simple and gives you a photograph with Lines, notes and dimensions on it in a PDF format. It also creates a CSV document listing the lines lengths and angles in degree. There is also Auto-Scaling which seems to be fine when you draw a simple shaped rooms.

This software is FREE.

Magic Plan2) MagicPlan

We use this software for more advanced demonstrations, as it is a good way of showing the dimensions from the Disto working and auto- sizing as you go. Simple to use again and we find the more simple the software the better it is for the end user.

There three levels product levels available:

Basic is Free Gives you one test Project

Magic Plan is an iOS app that let’s you create floor plans in a fast & fun way. Use the camera of your device & while turning around, mark the corners of the space. When you are finished, Magic Plan creates a floorplan!


BasicFree! Plus£8.95 per year Pro£17 per month
Projects:A house with mulitple levels counts as one project. 1 5 per year 15 per month
Cost per extra planWhen you run out of projects, you can always buy extra! £3.49 £2.19 £1.29
Photos & videos:Enrich your floor plans with photos & videos. yes yes yes
iPad & iPhone appView your floor plans on your iPad and iPhone with the Floorplanfinder app. yes yes yes
High res imagesExport high-res images for brochures and other promotional purposes. no yes yes
3D renderCreate stunning 3D rendered visuals of your floorplan. no yes20 Per Year yes Unlimited
PDF to scaleExport your floor plans at various scales. no yes yes
Embed planShow your interactive floor plans directly on your website. no yes yes
BrandingAdd your company logo and branding to your floor plans. no no yes
Multiple staff loginsEvery staff member can login and manage their own floor plans. All with one account! no no yes

OrthographOrthographOrthoGraph Architect 3D

This is a fully functional CAD application running on an IPAD

OrthoGraph Architect 3D is a floor plan survey and creation CAD app on the iPad. It utilizes all the benefits of the multi-touch iPad screen that is large enough to work with, and the strong hardware of your iPad to support you on-site. Let you work on small rooms as a carpenter or large office buildings as building surveyor teams, Orthograph performs well in both situations.

Full scaling and AutoCAD output formats available, including a 3 D Viewer.  Check out the the video on Youtube to see more:

OrthoGraph is the most advanced AEC CAD App running on iPad.

 Cost £49.00  (FREE software upgrades and no additional charges ever)

Available in multi languages: English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese

For more information about the range of Leica DISTO Laser Measures call 0800 292 2188 for free helpful advice.

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