Out with the tape measure and in with the laser

Out with the tape measure and in with the laserThe tape measure has been used since the Romans, and you’ll probably find it in every tool box up and down the country. But as technology races forward, the old fibreglass tape is being left behind. Filling its place is the laser measure – an accurate, hassle free way to measure distance.

Although it isn’t exactly new, it’s only recently that it’s being adopted by more and more industries.

How does it work?

If you haven’t come across or heard of laser measures before you’re probably wondering how they work. In basic terms they shine a laser onto a target which pushes out an ultrasonic frequency. This frequency bounces back off the target and then the tool calculates how long it takes for the frequency to return to the device. From this it measures the distance.

Most laser measures though offer more functionality than this. Another common use is to calculate the volume of an area.

The quality of the equipment, of course, is dependent on its cost. Higher quality can usually travel a further distance where as lower cost measures should be primarily used on smaller jobs.

Who can use a laser measure?

Obviously, laser measures aren’t ideal for outdoor use. But some major manufacturers have produced measures that can be used outdoors.

They can be used in nearly any industry that requires distance measurements. They generally provide an accuracy of around 99%, which is ideal for most applications.

A few examples of industries that could benefit from using laser measures are:

Electricians – Laser measures are perfect for gathering information on cable lengths, alarm system heights and other measurements to ensure that they’re meeting with the rules and regulations of their industry.

Building surveyors – Using the accurate measurements from a laser measure building surveyors can advise on how best to work on a property. Estate agents could also use the equipment to inform potential buyers of distance between rooms etc.

Media – I bet you didn’t guess that this industry would pop up, but think about it. Camera operators and photographers can measure the distance between their equipment and subject so that they can create an optimum set up.

So, whilst the tape measure does still have a place in DIY toolboxes, professionals should start to consider laser measures. Their varying functions and straightforward accuracy, means that they’re perfect for professional use.

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