Professional Floor Planning Software – for use with the DISTO D510 & iPad


OrthographOrthoGraph™ Architect for iPad

Revolutionary Floor Planning Software – only £50 from the Apple Store! With no re-occurring fees.

New iPad based building survey software designed for on-site surveying of flats, houses with the stunning tablet of Apple™. The unique OrthoGraph software line enables the on-site drawing of the floor-plan of any real estate (including land plots, buildings, rooms or any other types of real estate) in an easy, fast and accurate way.
Save time, money and effort!

Easy to use sketching and measurement interface of creating floor-plans on-site using an iPad, iPad2 or new iPad device. Measure a room in seconds or a whole flat in minutes using OrthoGraph™ Architect, and see the results in 3D on-site. This software lets users sketch and then create a survey for the production of detailed floor plans with continuous graphic feedback on the fly.

Although OrthoGraph is a professional tool for all architects, building surveyors and facility managers, creating drawings is merely “child’s play”. If you are just renovating an apartment, planning a move to a new home or if you only want to see if your new furniture will fit into a room, you can create an accurate drawing in minutes. No need to learn difficult CAD software: every movement is simple, fast and natural. Download from the Apple Store >>

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