OrthoGraph Architect for iPad

OrthoGraph Architect 3DProfessional Floor Plan Survey & Creation CAD App – for use with the DISTO D510 & iPad

Only £69.99 from the Apple Store! The most advanced AEC CAD App for iPad.

OrthoGraph ArchitectBuilding Survey App for iPad is designed for on-site survey of land, buildings, rooms or any types of property. The OrthoGraph App allows you to easily draw up floor-plans on-site. It’s fast and accurate, saving you time, money and effort!

The interface is easy to use on an iPad, iPad2 or new iPad device allowing you to measure a room in seconds or a whole flat in minutes. With OrthoGraph Architect you can quickly see the results in 3D on-site. This software lets users sketch and then create a survey for the production of detailed floor plans with continuous graphic feedback on the fly.

Although OrthoGraph Architect is a professional tool for all architects, building surveyors and facility managers, creating drawings is “child’s play”. If you are just renovating an apartment, planning a move to a new home or if you only want to see if your new furniture will fit into a room, you can create an accurate drawing in minutes. No need to learn difficult CAD software: every movement is simple, fast and natural.

Get Orthograph Architect 3D for iPad

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Features of OrthoGraph Architect

Orthograph Architect 3D SketchSketch & Tap

Draw like you would do with a pencil on a paper. OrthoGraph understands it and creates a floor plan from it. Add new rooms simply by drawing the new walls. Create your multi-story document assisted with your iPad.


Orthograph Architect 3D MeasureMeasure

Enter distances or use your Leica Disto distance meter, the drawing updates instantly. Corners and their angles are reflecting the measurements, doors, windows move to their proper position with measured sizes.


Orthograph Architect 3D DocumentDocument

Add objects, cameras with their properties, store images made with the camera of your iPad. All building documentation will be stored in one place, in our professional BIM model.


Orthograph Architect 3D ReportsReports, Calculations

Every important calculation is in your hand. Get painting area, make floor plans or 3D renders for selling or get the PDF room book directly on site.


Orthograph Architect 3D Cad CompatibilityCAD compatibility

OrthoGraph writes DXF and IFC directly from the iPad containing every BIM information. The native CAD converters (like the ArchiCAD Import Module) provide even more. Get walls with doors and windows in them, 3D objects with measured properties in a multi-story building model.

Get Orthograph Architect 3D for iPad

Download OrthoGraph Architect App for iPad from the App Store >>

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