New Leica FTA360 high precision adapter for the Leica Outdoor Distance measure

Leica FTA360 AdapterWith the Leica DISTO D510 and the new Leica DISTO D810 touch users can measure outside up to 200 Metres with a precision of 1mm.  Measuring over these distances requires a stable set-up of the laser distance meter. It is often difficult to fine adjust the laser dot at the target point by holding the device to a stable reference or if mounted on a tripod by moving its head.

We are please to announce the new tripod adapter for the Leica DISTO – the Leica FTA360.  The first adapter with fine-adjustment for easy and precise targeting. This new adapter fits with our Leica Tripods TRI70 and TRI100. It supports the new Leica DISTO D810 touch which has a special reference setting for this adapter as well as the Leica DISTO D510, D5 and D8 (correction of reference point via Offset setting).

Together with the new FTA360 adapter the Leica DISTO products become highly precise measuring stations.

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