Leica DISTO D810 – Sneak Preview

Leica DISTO D810Our team have heard rumours that the great wheels of Leica have been turning and something amazing is being produced to change the world of measuring. Is there something new around the corner in the Leica DISTO range? It’s time to take a sneak preview DISTO D810!

Intrigued – we spotted 2 new videos on the Leica DISTO website offering a teaser as to what is coming.

Watch the videos:

At first glance were all a bit confused – but the clever team in the office have uncovered some new product images hidden in the videos – revealing a little glimpse of the future.

 Screenshot 1: Indicates a new tripod mount with fine tune adjustment

Leica DISTO D810

Screenshot 2:  The clear branding of the Leica Disto D810 sporting a larger screen that appears to offer some iPhone touch screen capability. The digital camera image for on screen targeting looks clear and simple to use.

Leica DISTO D810


The mystery still remains what is so clever about this new Disto Laser Measure? As we find out more about the Disto D810 we will let you know.

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