Introducing the Leica DISTO D5

Leica DISTO D5

The Leica DISTO D5 has the only high resolution 2.4″ digital color Point-finder display and a 45 degree tilt sensor in the industry. These features combined with a host of calculation functions make the Leica DISTO  D5 the best hand-held digital laser distance meter ever!

Impressive outdoor performer

The in-built digital color Pointfinder with 4x zoom makes aiming at long distances much easier. You can even carry out measurements in bright sunlight. More details >>

Best Features:
Digital Color Point-finder with 4x zoom
Large color TFT 320 X 240 2.4@ display screen
Inclination measurement (0.00,0.00%, in/ft)
Power Range Technology ™
Sturdy with IP 54 (dust and splash proof)

Integrated tilt sensor

Using the tilt sensor you can also take indirect measurements. From this, the horizontal distance can be calculated in spite of obstructions.


The D5 is packed with a variety of different calculation functions including area, volume, trapezoid, area of triangle, Pythagoras, and tilt based calculations The Leica DISTO  D5 can excel in almost any measurement situation.

Real Estate, Insurance, Appraisers Electrical Services
Painters Insurance companies
Gardening Companies Scaffolding
Carpenters Architects
Joiners Telecommunications
Flooring Police
Construction workers Surveyor
Educational Institutions Facility Manager
Technical specifications:
Min. / max. measurement
Continuous measurement
Addition / subtraction
Area/volume measurements
Room calculations
Indirect measurement by Pythagoras
Indirect measurement by tilt sensor
Trapezium function
Measuring accuracy typ. ±1.5mm/ 1/16″
Range 1.6″ to 650ft
Power Range Technology ™
Distance in feet Ø laser-spot in inches 33′, 164′, 218’0.2″, 1.8″,2.36″
Tilt sensor – measurement rangeAccuracy to laser beamAccuracy to housing ±450±0.30±0.30
Unite in tilt sensor 0.00, 0.00%,mm/m, in/ft
Digital Pointfinder with 4x zoom
Store constant value 1
Recall last values 20
Time delay release
Display illumination
Measuring units m, ft, in, yds
Measurements per battery set up to 5.000
Multifunctional end piece
Tripod thread
Batteries Type AA2x1.5V
Spray proof / dust protected IP54
Dimensions in inches 5.65×2.12×1.18
Weight with batteries 6.88 oz.

Our DISTO range comes with a 2 year warranty, however if you register on line at within 8 weeks of purchase you will receive an extra years warranty.

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