Leica DISTO A8

Leica DISTO A8

This instrument is ideal for indoors as well as for outdoors with the latest in metering technology.

A laser distance meter combined with a 3-fold digital zoom and a tilt sensor – these are the reasons that make the Leica DISTO A8 an innovation worldwide.

When measuring over long distances, a digital zoom is essential as only in this way you can find your target in any weather. Aim at the target with the 3-fold digital zoom supported by the blended in crosshairs. The brightness of the display has 9 manually adjustable settings and the greyscales display provides ideal contrast – ideal on sunny days!


  • Measure up to 200m
  • Power Range Technology
  • 3-fold digital zoom
  • Integrated tilt sensor
  • Indirect measurements, even if no target can be aimed at!


  • On screen targeting
  • In-built camera x3 digital zoom
  • Tilt sensor ( 0.15o accuracy )
  • Range up to 200metres (650ft)
  • Indirect measurement with tilt sensor
  • Laser pin point accuracy +/- 1.5mm
  • Ergonomic design with soft rubber grip
  • Pythagoras calculation function
  • Multi function flip-out end piece
  • Tripod thread
  • Water and Dust resistant (IP54)


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