1st review / test of Leica Disto D510 laser measure

Review of the Leica DISTO D510Having seen the press announcement for the new outdoor Disto from leica, we were excited to put it to the test when we received the pre launch demo unit for a recent tool show. We were excited to test out the DISTO D510 integration with the Apple products, IPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and new ipad Mini*. With a pre release version of the software we loaded it onto as many devices as we could get our hands on.

Integration: the link with apple products is utilising Bluetooth version 4. So to connect with the Disto D510, simply open the App – Disto Sketch ( which will be free by the way) – next we switched on the Disto – then click the Disto button on the App – click on the Disto name and That’s it – CONNECTED. NO fuss with settings, NO menu options on the Disto, just 2clicks and you are measuring with the Leica Disto D510 and instantly the measurements appear on the Apple Product in the Sketch Application.

Disto Sketch: as I mentioned earlier it will be a free download and comes in all the Apple product formats for phones and iPads. Basically the App has two modes:

DISTO Sketch and the Leica DISTO D510

  • Picture mode
    Simply take a picture of the object you wish to measure. Draw a line on the image, measure with Disto D510, then drag and drop measurement onto line. To finish click email and send to office.
  • Sketch mode
    It’s like a piece of graph paper. Sketch the room or object with you finger, measure with the Disto D510 and then drag and drop measurement onto line. To finish email.


The great news is that the image is accompanied by a spreadsheet file with all the measurements as well as the images.

We love its simplicity. We love the speed. We love the App. 5 stars for the Leica Disto D510. SeeĀ www.laser-measure.co.uk/leica-disto/leica-disto-d510.html

* Note: The DISTO Sketch App is only fully functioning with Bluetooth Smart Ready devices (with the new Bluetooth standard V4.0). Eg. iPhone 4S, 5, iPad 3 & iPad Mini. All other Bluetooth devices do not support the energy saving Bluetooth Smart Module, which is integrated in the device.

  1. stuart nathan says:

    Great, but what about PCs? I use AutoCAD.

  2. admin says:

    Yes, you can use the DISTO Transfer to export data to a Windows PC. Please take a look at our web page which explains which DISTOs are compatible with which devices. You can follow the links to download the software:


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